Urgent Dental Problems

If you have an urgent dental problem such as toothache or a dental abscess
you should see a dentist NOT your GP.

If you have a regular dentist you should telephone them & arrange an urgent appointment. If they are closed there should be an answerphone message with the phone number of the local dentist covering emergencies. If not, the telephone number is 0300 111 5717. If you have trouble getting through phone NHS 111.

If you have no regular dentist you should telephone a Dental Access Clinic on 01793 428580 (Carfax Street) or 01793 889428 (West Swindon Health Centre). The opening times are Monday to Friday 8.45 - 11.45am & 1.15 - 4.15pm. If the phone line closed you can ring 0300 111 5717 for emergencies involving dental pain, or call NHS 111.

Oral Health Foundation:

Advice is available from dental advisors regarding all dental problems from the Oral Health Foundation.

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