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Telephone: 01793 342 000
Out of hours: 111

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Healthcare Team


Our doctors work in a partnership and as a group. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the doctors in the partnership.


Dr P.R. Mack MB BCh. (Cardiff 1986), MRCGP.
Male, Partner
Clinical Interests:
 Safeguarding of children & adults, Endocrine disease including diabetes and mens health disease, Muscle and bone disease including soft tissue & joint injections, Drug & alcohol addiction.

Dr D. K. Robinson MB BS. (Newcastle 1989), DRCOG. DFFP. MRCGP.
Male, Partner
Clinical Interests:
Heart disease, stroke, leg circulation problems, chronic kidney disease, hypertension & obesity. Minor surgery.

Dr E. F. Peirce MB ChB. (Manchester 1991), BSc (Hons), DFFP. MRCGP.
Female, Partner
Clinical Interests:
Women's health, Child health, mental health & learning disability, Immunisations.

Locum (temporary) Doctors

Apart from the permanent doctors listed above the practice has locum (temporary) doctors. Locum doctors doctors are carefully selected by the practice and you can expect the same high level of care as you would from one of the permanent doctors. The present long-term locums are:

Dr Tsamis & Dr Arora

Doctors in Training

Doctors in training are fully qualified doctors who are training in general practice medicine and are supervised by the permanent doctors. For further information about doctors training in the practice please see under the section on teaching under the 'practice history & other useful information' area of this website. Our present doctors in training are:

Dr Anita Harikrishnan, GP Registrar

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Nurses & Health Care Assistants

Employed by Moredon Medical Centre.


One of the practice nurses is usually available when the medical centre is open. They can give health advice, dress wounds, remove stitches, syringe ears, take blood samples etc. You can make an appointment for these procedures at the reception. Further information on our nursing services can be found here.

Nurse Specialists

Our nurse specialists see patients with specific chronic conditions and are able to manage & prescribe for them without having to refer to a doctor for most of the time.

Jacqui Nicholls RGN
Clinical Interests
- Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease (including heart disease, stroke, leg circulation problems and chronic kidney disease)

Samantha Holland RGN
Clinical interests
- Asthma & chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, child immunisations.

Alison Tarrant RGN
Clinical interests:
Asthma & chronic bronchitis, urgent care, sexual health, immunisations

Practice Nurses

Caroline Evans RGN
Clinical interests:
Immunisations and general nursing.

Assistant Practitioners

Tracie O'Shea

Our Assistant practitioners undertake some nursing activities including treating leg ulcers, assessing leg circulation problems, assisting minor surgery proceedures, taking ecg's and giving immunisations.

Health Care Assistants (HCA's)

Our Health Care Assistants help the nurses with some nursing tasks such as checking blood pressures and taking blood tests.

Sue Day NVQ level 2 as HCA
Ellie McBride  


Our Phlebotomists check blood pressure & take blood for testing. They undertake health screening for those with a learning disability.

Colleen Lane

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Practice Management


Our Practice Manager is involved with the day to day running of the practice including the finances, administration, and the training and monitoring of the receptionists and nurses. The Manager also deals with problems or complaints you may have to do with the Practice.

Practice Manager

Mr Robin Somers

Reception Supervisor

Linzi Matthews

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Administration & Secretarial

Employed by Moredon Medical Centre.


The practice administration team are important in keeping the practice running smoothly being involved in areas such as summarising medical records, adding hospital letters to medical records, typing hospital referral letters, producing repeat prescriptions or dealing with the local pct amongst other office duties. You may also see them working at the reception desk at busy times.


Lynn & Sue
One of our HCAs also undertakes some secretarial duties.

Administration Team

Gill, Rachel & Colleen
One of our HCAs also undertakes some administration tasks.

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Employed by Moredon Medical Centre.


Carefully selected temporary receptionists may be employed for short periods to cover for the absence periods or the permanent staff at certain times of the year.

Our receptionists arrange appointments, welcome patients to the practice, answer patient queries and carry out administration tasks. They do a difficult and busy job so please be patient if they can't attend to you straight away. Please give them as much information as you can in order to help them help you. Everything that you tell them is treated in confidence.

Reception Team

Amanda, Diane, Helen, Irma, Jan, Jane, Lauren, Lisa, Loraine, Louise, Shaya, Tuesday, Kieran* & Leah*

 * means the person is an apprentice.

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Community Health Care Team

The community team are employed by Swindon SEQOL or another NHS organisation and work with us to provide your healthcare.

Health Visitors

Various Telephone: 01793 465422

The Health Visitors help with health matters relating to children from 10 days of age until they attend primary school. They can give advice on social and medical problems, and hold regular baby immunisation and baby development clinics.

District Nurses

The community navigotor will manage a number of chronically unwell patients in community who are at risk of recurrent hospital admission. The District Nurses provide nursing care similar to that of the practice nurses for those who are housebound. They can be contacted directly 24 hours a day.

Laura Deville, Leanne Bonehill, Louise Tilney, Julie Watts, Donna Mobel and Mandy Waldon

Telephone: 01793 646466.

Community Midwives

Nat Fowler, Jo Lewis and Connie Jenner

Telephone: 01793 604813

The Community Midwives provide care for pregnant ladies until after the birth of their baby, together with the GPs and hospital doctors. This includes regular health checks during pregnancy and classes on what to expect during the birth of your baby and how to care for babies afterwards. They also provide care for babies until they are 10 days old.


Gilly Roberts

Our Dietitian provides advice on diet to people with illnesses such as diabetes or high cholesterol.Contact is via the doctors or heart disease / diabetes clinics.

Smoking Cessation and Health Screening Practitioner

Manuel Bueno

The smoking cessation advisor can help people who smoke to quit by offering support & medications that can help. You can book into a clinic by contacting a practice receptionist. Basic health screening checks are performed in a separate clinic.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA) Screening

Glenda Turton

AAA screening is undertaken by the NHS on men over the age of 65. See our Screening Services section for further details.


Elaine Morrison, Debra Muema, Diane Warburton

Our counsellors provide help for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression etc. They see you in one hour appointment sessions, the first being an assessment, followed by a variable number of treatments. Our counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Contact is by referral from a GP or Nurse.

Primary Care Liaison Service for Mental Health

Tim Allen

The primary care liaison service provide care for those suffering from very severe mental health problems. Contact is via your Doctor.

Drug Addiction Workers

Bernie Lockley

The drug addiction workers see councel & prescribe medications for patients with drug addiction problems.Contact is via SWADS on Milton Road.

Prospect Nurses

Mel Buckley

The Prospect Nurses provide care for patients with cancer or other serious diseases who are very ill, to ease their suffering & make them as comfortable as possible in the last few weeks or months of their life.Contact is via your Doctor.

Carers Group Coordinator

Maxine O'Brien

The carers group is a regular monthly meeting held in the practice which all carers who are registered with the practice can attend. It provides advice, information on local services & mutual support.For the dates of upcoming meetings please see the posters on the practice noice boards or contact the practice manager.

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Languages Spoken at the Practice

Please note that all the doctors speak English. Telephone translators can be arranged via 'language line' for most languages spoken Please inform the receptionist if you would like to use this service and ask for a double appointment.