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Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to questions Doctors, Nurses and Reception Staff frequently get asked:

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How Do I Register with your Surgery?

We currently have an open list and welcome requests for registration with the practice from patients living in or moving to the practice area.

Full details on how to Register.

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How Do I Register for Online Patient Services

We use a secure website called Patient Access which provides a number of online services. To access this service you will need to register for an account prior to your first log in, click here for further information.

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Do I live within your Practice Area?

To find out if you live within our practice area, and can therefore register with us, take a look at our practice catchment area, or telephone the surgery for further information.

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How Do I Make an Appointment?

The procedure for making an appointment is given on our Appointments page. You can also find out about opening hours etc here.

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How Do I Cancel my Appointment?

It is very important to inform us if you cannot attend an appointment. Instructions for canceling appointments.

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How Do I Order Repeat Prescriptions?

There are many options available for sending us your repeat prescriptions. Instructions for ordering your Repeat Prescriptions.

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How Do I Change my Address and Tel No?

You can use forms available on this website, call us or write to us. Full details on how to inform us of a change of address/tel no.

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How do I Obtain Medical Advice when the Surgery is Closed?

Information on what to do when the surgery is closed can be found here.

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How do I Request a Home Visit?

View our Home Visits page for details.

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How Do I Check-In for my Appointment on Arrival at Reception?

On arrival at the surgery for your appointment, please use the Self Check-In or report to the reception window and let the receptionist know you have arrived.

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How Do I Get the Most out of a Consultation?

Advice on how you can get the most out of your consultation with the doctor can be found here.

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How Do I ... Arrange a Medical Examination?

If you need a medical please phone the practice and speak to one of our receptionists. They will confirm a date and time with you. Please note that medicals cannot be performed during a standard 10 minute appointment. Please note that there will be a charge for medicals as they is not part of NHS work.

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How Do I ... Get a Form Completed ?

If you just need a form filling in, such as a blue badge application or an insurance report, then please leave it at reception and it will be passed on to a doctor. If you make an appointment to have a form completed the doctor will not complete it during the consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: forms such as passport applications & discretionary travel form for public transport can be signed by other professionals and do not normally need to be signed by a doctor. 

For most forms that are filled in by a doctor there will be a charge as it is not part of NHS work.

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How do I ... Get a Statement of Fitness for Work - ’Fit Note' (aka Sick Note)?

For the first seven days you are off work you do not need a doctors sick note, you can fill in a self certifying note. After the first seven days of absence from work you will need a fit note signed by a doctor.

For further information on Sickness Certificates, including access to forms, see our Practices Clinics and Services page.

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How do I ... Get a Doctors Letter?

GP letters are rarely of help unless they have been specifically asked for by an organisation e.g Swindon council, employers. If they are needed organisation will normally contact us directly with your consent & so you do not have to see a doctor. A charge is made for all letters requested by non medical organisations as they are not part of standard nhs care. 

Particular common examples of when patients ask for letter include -

For housing - These are of little use in helping you get or change social housing provision unless the housing department or association contacts the practice directly

Formedicine to be administered for children at school - letters are not needed. Prescription medicines should be taken by children if they are old enough or administered by a member of the school staff after receiving appropriate training which can be arranged by the school. Non prescription medicines e.g paracetamol can be administered with the written consent of a parent when there is a valid health reason to do so.

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How Do I ... Find out my NHS Number?

You should be able to find your NHS Number on any letter or document you have received from the NHS, including prescriptions, test results, and hospital referral or appointment letters. If you have a medical card, your NHS number should be printed on it.

If you cannot find your NHS Number at home, you can ask your GP practice to help you. They should be able to provide the number for you as long as you are registered with them. To protect your privacy, you may be asked to show a passport, driving licence or some other proof of identity.

If you are not registered with a GP practice, you should do so as soon as possible. They will be able to provide you with your NHS Number once you're registered.

Further information can be found on NHS Choices.

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How Do I ... Find out my Blood Group?

Blood groups are not recorded by the practice except for women who have had a previous pregnancy as blood grouping is a standard pregnancy blood test. For everyone else, if you have had an hospital operation or blood transfusion in the past the hospital where this was performed will have your blood group on record. You should contact the hospital directly for this. If you are a blood donor your blood group will be checked. If none of the above applies to you but you still want to know your blood group you will have to pay for a private blood test which can be performed at the practice and you will have to pay the hospital a standard fee.

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How do I Get Advice or Help on How to Stop Smoking?

Please ask for an appointment in the nurse-run smoking cessation clinic if you need advice or help on how to stop smoking. We have a guide about smoking in our Health Guides section. Also, you can tell us about your smoking status and let us know if you would like help stopping here.

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How Do I Make a Complaint?

The PALS Team is here to help ensure patients and visitors have a positive experience of using the Trust's services from start to finish. Please see our Practice Policies page for information.

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I am unhappy with my medication, what should I do?

Please come to discuss the matter with your doctor before simply discarding any medicines.

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How Do I Obtain a Result to a Recent Laboratory Test?

Details on how and when to obtain your test results can be found here.

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I am Living in the Area Temporarily and am NOT Registered with a Local Doctor - Can I get Medical Help?

Yes, our procedure for temporary residents can be found here.

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How Do I See my Medical Records?

You have a right of access to your health records, please see our Your Medical Records page for further information.

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What do I do if a Death Occurs in the Family?

Bereavement can be a difficult time for the family, friends & colleagues of the deceased. We hope that the following information on our Bereavement page will help with both with the practical and emotional aspects of bereavement.

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How Do I get the Help of an Interpreter?

Please ask a receptionist to book an interpreter who speaks your language. Your appointment time may be limited by the availability of this service.

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How Do I ... Find out what is on your Surgery Website?

You can use the main menu to look through the items available, see the Site Map or if you are looking for something in particular use the search tool in the top right of every page.