Telephone Advice, Enquires & Consultations

Telephone Advice & Enquires

Telephone Advice may include queries about a prescription, a test result, a hospital appointment, a referral, a form that needs to be completed or advice about a minor ailment.

The telephone lines are busy in the early morning, so please telephone through your enquiries other than requests for appointments, at the times below:



General enquiries

after 2.00pm

Blood test or X ray results

2.00pm - 5.00pm

Telephone Consultations with your Doctor

If you only need advice from the doctor or nurse you can book a telephone consultation by calling the Surgery. The doctor will discuss your problem at an allotted time. Please make sure you give the correct phone number to the receptionist.

If you do not answer your phone when rung for a phone appointment the doctor will try once more when they have time later that day. if you do not answer the phone a second time you will have to arrange another appointment.

Telephone appointments are only available during surgery hours.

Advice is also available from the NHS 111 service by calling 111 from your landline or mobile phone.